Bumping versions with project.json libraries

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We follow semantic versioning rules for our libraries and most of them already use the new project.json project format.

project.json files allow you to use a * for the “pre-release” part of your version (e.g. 1.0.0-*). The dotnet cli will then replace the * with a defined value (e.g. a CI server build number) when you add the --version-suffix parameter:

// this will result in version "1.0.0-rc1"
dotnet pack -c Release --version-suffix "rc1"

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the * for any other part of the version number. This means, whenever you want to update your library version, you manually have to update the version and dependencies parts of your libraries.

To make this easier, we created a bump-version.ps1 powershell script that automatically updates these parts.

To explain how it works, let’s assume we have a solution with the following projects and dependencies:

 - version: 1.2.3-*
 - dependencies: none
 - version: 1.2.3-*
 - dependencies:
   - MyLibrary: 1.2.3-*
   - dependencies:
     - MyLibrary: 1.2.3-*
   - dependencies:
     - MyLibrary.Addon: 1.2.3-*

The following variables must be set in bump-version.ps1 in order for it to work properly:

# The current version will be read from this file
$projectFile = "src\MyLibrary\project.json"

# All versions and dependencies starting with this name will be updated.
$packagePrefix = "MyLibrary"

That’s it. The script can now be called with one of the following parameters and it will automatically update all libraries in the solution.

.\bump-version.ps1 -Patch            # results in 1.2.4-*
.\bump-version.ps1 -Minor            # results in 1.3.0-*
.\bump-version.ps1 -Major            # results in 2.0.0-*
.\bump-version.ps1 -Version "2.3.4"  # results in 2.3.4-*

Here’s the source code of the script. If you have any questions or feedback, please post it as a comment to the gist!